2021 Guide to U.S. Tax Incentives for EVs and Chargers

A key reason to purchase an electric vehicle and/or a charger is the numerous tax incentives available in the United States. From buying the vehicle to buying and installing your residential charger or commercial chargers, there's many opportunities to save money when you make the switch to EV. We've compiled this guide to currently available tax incentives, so you can get the latest information all in one place. We will regularly update this list. Happy EV'ing!



Overview: The U.S. Federal tax credit is offering individuals up to $1,000 off their EV charger and installation costs. Read below on how to qualify while working with us!

Deadline: You must purchase and install by December 31st, so hurry up and contact us today!


  1. Buy a home EV charger and install using Seawall EV.
  2. We provide a receipt of your purchase. 
  3. Complete your full tax return, then fill in Form 8911 and submit documentation (receipt Seawall EV provides!).  
  4. You’ll need to understand your tax liability to calculate the credit.  In other words, you need to owe taxes in order to claim the tax credit!
  5. Use your free money for a nice dinner or donate to the SC Aquarium!

More details on this incentive can be found on the Alternative Fuels Data Center website




Overview: The U.S. Federal tax credit gives up to $30,000 back for installing EV charging at your business. 

DeadlineYou must purchase and install by December 31st and claim on your federal tax return. Contact us today to request a quote!

Details: Below are helpful links to get started.

More details on this incentive can be found on the Alternative Fuels Data Center website




Overview: The U.S. Federal tax credit currently gives up to $7,500 for purchasing an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.  

Deadline: Varies; The credit will be phased out for each manufacturer in the second quarter following the calendar quarter in which 200,000 cumulative qualified EVs have been sold by that manufacturer in the U.S. 

Details: Applicable vehicles and credit allowance information can be found on this IRS qualifying page. The credit payment is based on each vehicle's gross weight rating and traction battery capacity.

More details on this incentive can be found on the Alternative Fuels Data Center website


Seawall EV is only giving resources and information on tax credits.  Seawall EV is not responsible for any issues that may result from your tax credit, including but not limited to: invalid tax credit submission, lengthy processing times or delays in processing or receiving your tax credit, and any other issues pertaining to your tax credit.  We are not an accounting firm and aren't able to give advice on tax credits, BUT we can help you select and install the right EV charger for you!  Click here to request a quote!